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The Mafia EncyclopediaSecond Edition
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Accardo, Anthony Joseph
Ace of Diamonds:
Adonis, Joe
Aiello, Joseph
Aiuppa, Joseph John
Alderisio, Felix "Milwaukee Phil"
Alderman, Israel "Ice Pick Willie"
Alex, Gus
Alibis and the Mafia
Alo, Vincent "Jimmy Blue Eyes"
Alterie, Louis "Two Gun"
Amatuna, Samuzzo "Samoots"
Amberg, Louis "Pretty"
Anastasia, Albert
Anastasia Crime Family
Anastasio, Anthony "Tough Tony"
Anglulo, Gennaro J.
Annenberg, Moses L.
Anselmi and Scalise:
Anslinger, Harry J.
Antinori, Ignacio
Apache Indian Job:
Apalachin Conference:
Argos Lectionary:
Arm, on the:
Atlantic City Conference:
Baldwin Wallace College:
Balistrieri, Frank P.
Banana War:
Bank Manipulation by Mafia
Bankruptcy Scams
Barbara, Joseph, Sr.
Barnes, Leroy "Nicky"
Barrel Murder:
Basile, Tobia
Batista, Fulgencio
Battaglia, Sam "Teets"
Battle, Jose Miguel, Sr.
Bay of Pigs Invasion:
Bender, Tony
Berman, Otto "Abbadabba"
Bilotti, Thomas
Binaggio, Charles
Bioff, Willie Morris (1900в_"1955): Movie extortionist and stool pigeon
Black Book: Las Vegas Mafia blacklist
Black Hand: Italian extortion racket
Black Mafia
Boiardo, Ruggiero "Richie the Boot" (1891в_"1984): New Jersey Mafia patriarch
Bompensiero, Frank "Bomp" (1905в_"1977): Hit man, San Diego crime boss and FBI informer
Bonanno, Joseph (1905-): Crime family boss
Bonanno, Salvatore "Bill" (1932-): Son of Mafia boss
Bonanno Crime Family
Bones, Making Your: Supposed requirement for being made
Bonventre, Cesare (1956в_"1984): Zip, or young Sicilian mafioso
Book, Putting Up a: Bringing a Mafia member up on mob charges
Boss of Bosses: Mythical Mafia leader
Boss's Annual Income: No limit for the man at the top
Bourg, Frank (1890в_"1955):"Wrong man" Mafia victim
Brasco, Donnie (1939-): FBI agent who infiltrated the Mafia
Bribery and the Mafia
Bridge of Sighs: American version
Broadway Mob: Prohibition racketeers
Bronfman, Samuel (1891в_"1971): Liquor manufacturer and underworld supplier
Brooklier, Dominic (1914в_"1984): Los Angeles crime boss
Brothers, Leo Vincent (1899в_"1951): Alleged murderer of Jake Lingle
Bruno, Angelo (1910в_"1980): Philadelphia Mafia boss
Buccieri, Fiore "Fifi" (1904в_"1973): Chicago syndicate killer
Buchalter, Louis: See Lepke, Louis.
Buckwheats: Painful murder methods
Bufalino, Russell, A. (1903->): Crime family boss
Buffalo Crime Family: See Magaddino, Stefano.
Bug and Meyer Mob: Early Lansky-Siegel gang
Bullet Eaters: Hard-to-kill victims
Burial Grounds of the Mafia
Business Penetration by Mafia
Buster from Chicago (?-1931): Hit man
Caifano, John Michael "Narshall" (1911- ): Chicago Outfit enforcer
California Crime Family: See Dragna, Jack.
Camorra: Neapolitan crime society
Campagna, Louis "Little New York" (1900в_"1955): Syndicate enforcer
Capone, Alphonse "Scarface Al" (1899в_"1947):Chicago crime leader
Capone, Frank (1895в_"1924): Brother of Al Capone
Capone, Ralph "Bottles" (1893в_"1974): Brother of Al Capone
Cardinella, Salvatore "Sam" (1880в_"1921): Black Hand murderer
Carfano, Anthony: See Pisano, Little Augie.
Carolla, Sylvestro "Sam" (1896в_"1972): Early New Orleans Mafia boss
Caruso, Enrico (1873в_"1921): Black Hand victim
Cashing: Counterfeit scam for Mafia juniors
Casino Junkets: Hob-sponsored gambling trips
Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily
Castellammarese War: Mafia struggle for supremacy
Castellano, Paul (I 915в_"1985): Assassinated crime boss
Catalano, Salvatore "Saca" ( 1933в_"1983 ): Sicilian drug smuggler
Catalano, Salvatore "Toto" (1941в_" ): Brutal boss of the Zips
Cerone, John "Jackie the Lackey" (1914в_"): Day-today boss of Chicago Outfit
Charity and the Mafia
Chauffeurs: Mafia road to success
Chicago Amnesia: Mob intimidation of witnesses
CIA-Mafia Connection
Cicero, Illinois: Mob-controlled Chicago suburb
Cigarette Bootlegging
Cirillo, Dominick V. (1930в_"): Named boss of Genovese family in 1997
Civella, Nicholas (1912в_"1983): Kansas City Mafia leader
Clean Graft: Payoffs to politicians and police
Cleveland Crime Family: See Licavoli, James T. "Blackie."
Clothesline: Hanging an imprisoned guy out to dry
Cocaine-Heroin Shuttle Scheme
Cohen, Mickey (1913в_"1976): California gangster
Cohn, Roy (1927в_"1986): Mob mouthpiece
Coli, Eco James (1922в_"): Chicago syndicate gangster
Coll, Vincent "Mad Dog" (1909в_"1932): Gangster
Colombo, Joseph, Sr. (1914в_"1978): Crime family boss
Colombo Crime Family
Colony Sports Club: Mob-owned London gambling casino
Colosimo, Big Jim (1871в_"1920): Brothel king and Torrio murder victim
Commission, The: Mafia "ruling body"
Concrete Scam: Huge Mafia construction racket
Connected Guys: See Wise Guys and Connected Guys.
Consigliere: Mafia "adviser"
Contract: Murder assignment
Coonan, Jimmy (1946- ): Boss of the Westies
Coppola, Michael ''Trigger Mike" (1904-1966): Syndicate capo
Corallo, Anthony "Tony Ducks" (1913- ): Lucchese crime family boss
Corleone, Sicily: Mafia spawning ground
Cosa Nostra
Costello, Frank (1891в_"1973): Prime minister of the underworld
Cotroni Gang: Mafia's talent suppliers
Cuban (or Latin) Mafia
Daddano, William "Willie Potatoes" (1925в_"1975): Chicago Outfit assassin and torturer
Dadillacs: Getting a car just like dear old murderous dad's
Dalitz, Moe (1899в_"1989): Head of Cleveland and Desert Inn syndicates
Dead Man's Eyes: Hob superstition
Dead Man's Tree: Chicago "murder notice" site
Death Corner: Chicago murder site
Decarlo, Angelo "Gyp" (1902в_"1973): New Jersey racket boss
Decavalcante Tapes, The: FBI eavesdropping
Dellacroce, Aniello "Mr. Neil" (1914в_"1985): Gambino crime family underboss
Demeo, Roy (1941в_"1983):Assembly-line hit man
Demotions in the Mafia
Dentists: Latest in mob musclemen
Deportation of Mafiosi
Desimone, Frank (?-1968): Los Angeles Mafia boss
Destefano, Sam (1909в_"1973): Chicago Outfit enforcer and sadist
Detroit Crime Family: See Zerilli, Joseph.
Dewey, Thomas E. (1902в_"1971): Gangbuster and near assassination victim
Diamond, Jack "Legs" (1896-в_"1931): Lone wolf racketeer
Dickey, Orange C. (1920-): Army captor of Vito Genovese
Dio, Johnny (1915в_"1979): Labor racketeer
Dirty Graft: Payoffs to police and courts.
Dons: Mafia big shots
Double-Decker Coffin: See Mafia Coffin.
Dracula: Keeper of DeMeo's murder clubhouse
Dragna, Jack (1891в_"1957): Los Angeles crime boss
Dragna, Louis Tom (1920- ): Syndicate gangster
Drucci, Vincent "Schemer" (1895в_"1927): Chicago gang leader
Duke's Restaurant: Mob headquarters
Eboli, Thomas "Tommy Ryan" (1911в_"1972): Genovese aide
Egan's Rats: St. Louis gang
Egg, Break an: See Whack.
Eighth of the Eighth: Crime spawning area
English, Charles Carmen "Chuckie" (1914в_"1985): Chicago Outfit capo
Envelope: Mob gift custom
Ethnic Succession in the Mafia: See Black Mafia
Eyes in the Sky: Crooked gambling technique
Ferro, Don Vito Cascio (1862в_"1932): Sicilian Mafia leader
Five iron Men: Kansas City crime rulers
Five Points Gang: Pre-Prohibition gang
Flamingo Hotel: Las Vegas's first plush casino
Forty Thieves: Harlem's black rivals of the Mafia
Forty-Two Gang: Chicago juvenile gangsters
Four Deuces: Capone mob headquarters and vice den
Franse, Steven (1895в_"1953): Mobster and Genovese murder victim
Frnntizius, Peter von (?в_"1968)
Fratianno, Jimmy (1913в_"1993): Informer
French Connection: See Palermo Connection.
Friday and Saturday Nights
"Friend of Ours" and "Friend of Mine": Code introductions
Funerals of Gangsters
Galante, Carmine (1910в_"1979): Would-be "boss of bosses"
Gallo, Crazy Joe 1929в_"1972): Brooklyn Mafia rebel
Gambino, Carlo (1902в_"1976): Crime family leader
Gambino Crime Family
Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight, The: Book and movie parody of Crazy Joe Gallo Gang
Garment Industry Rackets
Genna Brothers: Mafia foes of Capone
Genovese, Vito (1897в_"1969): Mafia boss
Genovese Crime Family
Giacalone, Diane (1950-): Federal prosecutor and Gotti's pet hate
Giancana, Sam "Momo" (1908в_"1975): Syndicate leader
Giannini, Eugenio (1910в_"1952): Informer and Joe Valachi murder victim
Gigante, Vincent "the Chin" (1926-): Nob enforcer
Give-up Guys: Hijacking scam
Godfather, The: Novel and movie
Gordon, Waxey (1888в_"1952): Prohibition bootleg king
Gotti, John (1940- ): Imprisoned Godfather
Gotti, John, Jr. (1964- ): Stand-in boss for his imprisoned father
Gotti "Fan Club": Imprisoned Mafia boss's loyal supporters
Gravano, Sammy "the Bull" (1945- ): Turncoat underboss for John Gotti
Greed of Crime Bosses: Top of the mob shakedown artists
Greenbaum, Gus (1894в_"1958): Mob bookmaker and murder victim
"Green eyes": The Mafia's greediest
Guarantee: Hafia's "protection" plan
Guglielmo, Joseph: See Dracula.
Guzik, Jake "Greasy Thumb" (1887в_"1956): Capone financial brain
Hams: Smuggling technique
Havana Convention: 1946 underworld meeting
Hawthorne Inn: Capone headquarters and shootout scene
Heitler, Mike "de Pike" (?-1931): Whoremaster and mob victim
Hill, Virginia (1918в_"1966): Syndicate bagwoman
Hines, James J. (1877в_"1957): Mob-controlled Tammany leader
"Hitombile": Hob car for assassination missions
Hoffa, James R. (1913в_"1975): Labor leader and obvious murder victim
Hoover, Herbert (1874в_"1964): Al Capone nemesis
Hoover, J. Edgar (1895в_"1972): FBI director
Horse Killings and Mobsters
Hotsy Totsy Club: Mob nightclub
Hughes, Howard (1905в_"1976): Mafia victim
Humphreys, Murray Llewellyn "the Camel" (1899в_"1965): Chicago mob's Mr. Fixit
Hunt, Sam "Golf Bag" (?-1956): Capone torpedo
Ianniello, Matthew "Matty the Horse" (1920-): Mafia sex czar
Ice Pick Murders: Efficient execution method
Independent Criminals and the Mafia
Initiation Rites of the Mafia
In-Your-Face: High honor for an esteemed murder victim
Italian Rope Trick: Harder method
Jewish Mafia
Johnson, Ellsworth "Bumpy" (1906в_"1968): Black "mafios"
Jukebox Racket
Kansas City Crime Family: See Five Iron Hen
Karpis, Alvin "Creepy" (1907в_"1979): Public enemy wooed by Mafia
Kefauver Committee Hearings: Senate organized crime investigation
"Kefauveritis": Mystery "ailment" of mobsters under probe
Kennedy, Robert F. (1925в_"1968): U.S. Attorney General
Kid Dropper (1891 or 1895в_"1923): Labor racketeer king
Kidnapping of Mafiosi
King's Man: Hafioso with direct access to the godfather
Kiss of Death: Mafia murder signal
Knockdown: Demotion, Mafia style
Korshak, Sidney (1907в_"1996): Fabled fixer for the mob
Labor Leasing: Trucking racket
Langella, Gennaro "Jerry Lang" (1939в_" ): Colombo crime family leader
Lansky, Meyer (1902в_"1983): National crime syndicate founder
Lanskyland: Florida Jewish community
Lanza, Joseph "Socks" (1904в_"1968): Racket boss of fish industry
Larocca, John Sebastian (1902в_"1984): Pittsburgh mafioso
Las Vegas: Organized crime's Promised Land
Last Chance Tavern: Kansas City gambling den
Latempa, Peter (1904в_"1945): Genovese murder victim
LA Tuna, Texas, Federal Correctional Institution: "Stool pigeon haven"
Laundering: Circulating underworld illegal money
Lepke, Louis (1897в_"1944): Syndicate leader
Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary: See "Mafia Manor."
Licata, Nick (1897в_"1974): Los Angeles crime family boss
Licavoli, James T. "Blackie" (1904в_"1985): Cleveland crime family boss
Lingle, Alfred "Jake" (1892в_"1930): "World's richest reporter" and mob victim
Little Joe: Mafia execution signature
Loan Shark Scams.
Lockstep Surveillance: Law enforcement harassment
Loesch, Frank J. (1853в_"1944): Chicago Crime Commission founder
Lombardo, Antonio "the Scourge" (?в_"1928): Capone consigliere
Lombardozzi, Carmine "the Doctor" (1910в_"1992): Dollar-wise capo
Long, Huey (1893в_"1935): Syndicate partner and assassination victim
Los Angeles Crime Family: See Hickey House Mafia.
Lovett, William "Wild Bill" (1892в_"1923): Irish waterfront racketeer
Lucchese, Thomas "Three-Finger Brown" (c. 1900в_"1967): Crime family boss
Lucchese Crime Family
Luciano, Charles ''Lucky" (1897в_"1962): National crime syndicate founder
Luciano-Costello Crime Family: See Genovese Crime Family.
Lumping: Construction racket for skimming federal dollars
Lupo the Wolf (1877в_"1944): Black Hander and murderer
Mcgurn, Machine Gun Jack (1904в_"1936): Capone enforcer
Macintosh, Hugh "Apples" (1927в_"): Colombo crime family enforcer
Madden, Owney "the Killer" (1892в_"1965): Bootlegger and murderer
Mafia, Origin of
Mafia Coffin: Corpse disposal method
"MAFIA Manor": Special prison accommodation for wise guys
Mafia Social Clubs
Magaddino, Stefano (1891в_"1974): Buffalo crime family boss
Magliocco, Joseph (1898в_"1963): Joe Profaci successor
Malliocchia: Attempt to rattle witnesses
Mangano Crime Family: See Gambino Crime Family.
Mangano, Vincent (c. 1888в_"1951?): Mafia boss and Anastasia victim
Manton, Martin T. (1880в_"1946): Corrupt federal judge
Maranzano, Salvatore (1868в_"1931): First and only "boss of bosses"
Marcello, Carlos (1910в_"1993): Mafia boss of New Orleans
Marion Penitentiary: For the Mafia's most dangerous
Masseria, Giuseppe "Joe the Boss" (c. 1880в_"1931): Mafia leader
Matranga, Charles (1857в_"1943): Early New Orleans Mafia boss
Mattresses, Hitting the: Gang war tactic
Mickey Mouse Mafia: California crime families
Midnight Arrests of Mobsters
Midnight Rose's: Candy store "office" of Murder, Inc.
Mirabella, John (1905в_"1955):Mafia hit man
Moran, George "Bugs" (1893в_"1957): Gangster foe of Capone
Morano, Don Pelligrino: See Camorra; Horello, Nicholas.
Morelli Gang: New England holdup mob
Morello, Nicholas (1866в_"1916): Mafia leader
Morello, Peter "the Clutching Hand" (1880в_"1930): Early mafioso
Morello Family: Early American mafiosi
Moretti, Willie (1894в_"1951): Syndicate boss
Mori, Cesare (1880в_"1942): Mussolini's Mafia fighter
Morton, Samuel J. "Nails" (?в_"1924): Chicago mobster and mobster and "horse rubout victim"
Motorcade Murders: Automobile procession assassinations
Movie Racketeering
Murder, Incorporated: Enforcement arm of national syndicate
Murders of Dons: "Respectful" assassinations
Murder Stable: Hafia extermination site
Mussolini Shuttle: Mafiosi exodus from Sicily
Mustache Petes: Older-generation mafiosi
Narcotics Racket
Nardi, John (1916в_"1977): Hurdered Cleveland mobster
Neighbors of Mafiosi
Nepotism and the Mafia: Do the kids go straight?
Ness, Eliot (1902в_"1957): Head of the "Untouchables"
New Orleans Mafia Mass Lynchings
Night of the Sicilian Vespers: Mafia folklore
Nitti, Frank (1884в_"1943): Capone mob lieutenant
No Hands Rule: Mob code of conduct
No Narcotics Rule: Alleged Mafia code
Normandie, S.S.: Mafia wartime sabotage
Numbers Racket
Nut: Backing for a mob enterprise.
Oakes, Sir Harry (18731в_"1943): Murder victim
O'Banion, .Charles Dion "Deanie" (1892в_"1924): Gang leader and Capone rival
O'Brien, John Patrick (1873в_"1951): New York mayor
O'Connor's Gunners: Chicago police machine-gunning unit
Omerta: Mafia rule of silence
Onorta: Southern Italian criminal society
Open Territories: Organized crime's apportionment plan
Operation Mongoose: CIA-Mafia plan to kill Fidel Castro
Orgen, Jacob "Little Augie" (1894в_"1927): Labor racketeer and syndicate victim
Ottumvo, Vincenzo (?в_"1889): Early Mafia victim
Palermo Connection: Mafia's heroin pipeline
Parsley Racket: Restaurant extortion
Pass: Forgiveness, Mafia-style
Patriarca, Raymond L.S. (1908в_"1984): Mafia boss of New England
Persico, Carmine (1937в_" ): Boss of Colombo crime family
Petrosino, Joseph (1860в_"1909): Police detective
Pigeon Coop Tip-Off: Is a wise guy gone for good?
Pillow Gang: St. Louis Mafia family
Pineapple Primary: Violent 1928 Chicago election
Pisano, Little Augie (?в_"1959): Leading New York mafioso
Pittsburgh Crime Family: See Larocca, John Sebastian.
Pittsburgh Phil (1908в_"1941): Murder, Inc.'s, premier hit man
Plants: Secret Mafia members
Political Contributions and the Mafia
Pre-Hits: Preludes to a major mob assassination
Prio, Ross (1900в_"1972): Chicago Syndicate leader
Profaci, Joseph (1896в_"1962): Crime family boss
Profacl Crime Family: See Colombo Crime Family.
Provenzano, Anthony "Tony Pro" (1917в_"1988): Mafia union racketeer
Public Enemies: Organized Crime mobsters
Purple Gang: Infamous Detroit mob
Purple Gang, Modern
Raft, George (1895в_"1980): Movie actor and gangster pal
Ragen, James M. (1881в_"1946): Gambling kingpin and mob murder victim
Ragen's Colts: Chicago Irish gang
Rastelli, Philip (1918в_"1991): Boss of Bonanno family
Rat Pack and the Mafia, The: Sinatra's Hollywood followers
Reading, Pennsylvania: Mafia's East Coast "Cicero"
Red Dye Murders: Hafia extortion hoax
Reina, Tom (1889в_"1930): Early New York crime family leader
Reles, Abe "Kid Twist" (1907в_"1941): Murder, Inc., killer and informer
"Respect" in the Mafia
Restaurants and the Mafia
Ricca, Paul "the Waiter" (1897в_"1972): Chicago mob leader
Riccobene, Harry (1910- ): Philadelphia Mafia war combatant
Rico: 1970 Racketeer-influenced and Corrupt Organization Act
Ride, Take for a: Underworld murder method
Riesel, Victor (1914в_"1995): Journalist and Mafia victim
Roberts, Johnny (1904в_"1958): Hit-man murderer of Willie Moretti
Robilotto, John: See Roberts, Johnny.
Ronsisvalle, Luigi (1940- ) "Hit man of honor" and informer
Room of Death: Palermo torture and murder chamber
Rope Trick: See Italian Rope Trick.
Roselli, John (1905в_"1976): Chicago Outfit figure and Las Vegas power
Rothstein, Arnold (1882в_"1928): Criminal mastermind
Rum Row: Bootleg fleet
Rupolo, Ernest "the Hawk" (1908в_"1964): Stool pigeon and Genovese hit victim
St. Louis Crime Family: See Pillow Gang.
ST. Valentine's Day Massacre: Capone mass killings
Salerno, Anthony "Fat Tony" (1911в_"1992): Alleged boss of Genovese crime family
Sanctioned Stoolie: Inter-crime family spy
San Francisco Crime Family: See Mickey Mouse Mafia.
San Jose, California, Crime Family: See Mickey Mouse Mafia.
Saupp, John Joseph (1910в_"1962): Murdered convict
Scalise, Frank "Don Cheech" (1894в_"1957): Crime family underboss
Scarface: Gangster movie
Scarfo, Nicodemo "Little Nicky" (1929- ): Philadelphia crime family boss
Scarne, John (1903в_"1985): Gambling expert and mob consultant
Schultz, Dutch (1902в_"1935): Underworld leader
Schuster, Arnold: See Tenuto, Frederick J.
Scotto, Anthony M. (1934в_" ): Longshoremen's union leader
Seven Group: Predecessor of the national crime syndicate
Sex and the Mafia
Shapiro, Jacob "Gurrah" (1899в_"1947): Labor racketeer
Shotgun Man (?-?): Unidentified Black Hand hit man
Siano, Fiore "Fury" (1930в_"1964?): Mobster and Joe Valachi relative
Sicilian Flu: Imaginary and real mafioso ailments
Siegel, Benjamin "Bugsy" (1905в_"1947): Syndicate leader and victim
Silver Street: Capone Mob vice area
Slnatra, Frank (1915в_"1998): Mafia's favorite singer
Sindona, Michele (1920в_"1986): Criminal financier
Skimming: "Tax-free" gambling profits
Slot Machines
Small, Len (1862в_"1936): Illinois's "pardoning governor"
Spending Habits of Mafiosi
Spilotro, Tony "the Ant" (1938в_"1986): Chicago Outfit's Las Vegas enforcer
Squillante, Jimmy "Jerome" (?в_"1960): Garbage collection racketeer
Stacher, Joseph "Doc" (1902в_"1977): Meyer Lansky ally
Standard Oil Building, Battles of the
Stand-In: Mafia substitute
Stand-Up Guy: Hobster who won't "talk"
State Street Crap Game
Stevens, Walter (1867в_"1939): Hit man
Stockade, The: Torrio-Capone syndicate brothel
Stock Theft and Manipulation
Street Tax: Payment to mob to okay non-member criminal operation
Surveillance Tricks by Mafiosi: Hob counterploys
''Tap Game": Moves and countermoves in use of wiretaps
Telvi, Abraham (1933в_"1956): Hit man
Tenuto, Frederick J. (1915в_"1952?): Hit man and Mafia victim
Teresa, Vincent Charles "Fat Vinnie" (1930в_"1990): Hob informer
Terranova, Ciro (1881?в_"1938): Hafia leader
Testa, Philip "Chicken Man" (1924в_"1981): Philadelphia Hafia boss
Testa, Salvatore (1956в_"1984): Mafia mobster
Tieri, Frank "Funzi" (1904в_"1981): Crime family boss
Tommy Gun: Mobster weapon
Torrio, John (1882в_"1957): Syndicate "brain" and Capone sponsor
Touhy, Roger "Terrible" (1898в_"1959): Bootleg kingpin
Trafficante, Santo (1886в_"1954): Tampa crime family boss
Trafficante, Santo, Jr. (1914в_"1987): Second generation Tampa godfather
Trapman: Mob security specialist
Tresca, Carlo (1875в_"1943): Anti-Fascist and Mafia murder victim
Twenties Group: Mafioso leadership migration
Undertaker's Friend, The: Underworld "Green Chair Curse"
Untouchables, The: See Ness, Eliot.
Valachi, Joseph M. (1903в_"1971): Informer
Valenti, Rocco (?в_"1922): Mafia shooter and Luciano victim
Valentine, Lewis J. (1882в_"1946): New York police commissioner
Valley Gang: Irish allies of Al Capone
Vigilantism and the Mafia
Walk/Talk: Hob effort to avoid eavesdropping
War of the Jews
Waterfront Rackets
Weiss, Hymie (1898в_"1926): O'Banion Gang boss
Westies: New York Irish mob allied with the Mafia
West Suburban Citizens' Association: See Vigilantism and the Mafia.
Whack: Term for murder
Whalen, Grover A. (1886в_"1962): New York police commissioner
White Hand Gang: Irish waterfront gangsters
White Hand Society: Anti-Black Hand Italian citizens' group
White Spot: Mafioso operating in black areas
Williams, Edward Bennett (1920в_"1988): Defense lawyer
Wilson, Frank J. (1887в_"1970): Secret Service Capone nemesis
Winchell, Walter (1897в_"1972): Gossip columnist
Wise Guys and Connected Guys
Women, Mafiosi's Attitude Toward
Women as Mafia Victims: Mob gallantry myth
"Wop with the Mop, The": Alcatraz disparagement of Al Capone
YALE, Frankie (1885в_"1928): New York mob leader
Youngbloods: Sam Giancana's American-raised Chicago mafiosi
Zangara, Joseph (1900в_"1933): Assassin
Zerilli, Joseph (1897в_"1977): Detroit crime family boss
Ziegler, Shotgun George (1897в_"1934): Public enemy and mob hit man
Zips: Sicilian Mafia imports
Zwlllman, Abner "Longy" (1899в_"1959): Crime syndicate founder and New Jersey boss
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